Here's why Mumbaikars should join the Global Climate Strike by bina bhatia

Today on 27th September 2019, thousands of Mumbaikars are going to be joining the Global Climate Strike movement by silently protesting the inaction of the Government to address Climate Change. Ranked as the ninth riskiest amongst the world’s 31 megacities, the city’s preparedness to exposure to climate shocks like  SLR, flooding, and droughts is non-existent. Unless serious consideration is given at policy level, extreme heat days, severe rainfall and floods are more likely than ever to be part of the lives of Mumbaikars.

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Ganesh Visarjan - A Tale of three Indian Cities by bina bhatia

In a culture where water is revered and worshiped, it has also become one of the most abused natural resources when India celebrates its festivals. The three major metropolises are grappling with the practice of large scale idol immersion (visarjan)…..Despite the efforts of an eco-friendly celebration…this tradition impacts the coastline of Mumbai, lakes of Bangalore and the Yamuna ghats in Delhi.

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